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Non-violent Civil Resistance Movement in the Ethnic States

Non-violent Civil Resistance Movement in the Ethnic States

(August to October – 2021)


             Due to the military junta’s violent crackdown, it is seen that the trend of most nonviolent movements turned inevitably into armed defensive resistance. However, nonviolent protests are still taking place in the mainland and in ethnic areas as well, especially in Hpakant, Kalay, Kawkaraik, Ye and Paung towns.

  1. Kachin State

The Hpakant town of Kachin State is observed as the largest protest site with 22 times in August, 20 times in September and still 23 times in October.

In Myitkyina, protesting against the military junta were observed as a joint activity of Kachin State Civilian- KSCM, basic education student unions and civilians, where the protest rallies were observed 14 times in August, 10 times in September and 3 times in October.

Similarly, protesting against the regime of student unions and local people were seen 15 times in August and 2 times in September in Mohnyin Town of Kachin.

  1. Kayin State

Within three months from August to October, three times of non-violent protests in Pha-an Town, 5 times of trike movement led by women was seen in Three Pagodas Town, 13 times of rally movement with about 100 people led by women groups and local people were also seen in Kyar Inn Seik Town, Kayin State. 

  1. Mon state

             Mon State is the place where peaceful protesting led by youth groups in some townships is seen till today. In Mawlamyine, Kyaikto, Thaton, Paung and Ye Townships, peaceful protesting rallies of youths and the local people have been seen 16 times in August, 4 times in September and three times in October.

  1. Shan state

In Shan state, non-violent movements against the military junta were observed 2 times in September and 4 times in October at Tachileik, Namkham and Kyaingtone towns.

  1. Chin State

Chin State was also one of the most active areas where the anti-military rally movement was seen after the coup. However, non-violent movement in Chin State was not seen anymore at the end of June due to the violent crackdown of the junta which turned the trend of non-violent movement of most youths into armed resistance.

However, in Kalay in which half of the population is made up of Chin people, the non-violent movement supporting the NUG slogan was observed 8 times in August, 6 times in September and 11 times in October respectively.

  1. Kayah State

             Protesting against the military regime in Kayah State was seen as the strongest movement among ethnic states. A peaceful protest in various townships in Kayah State was observed from February to May 2021, but the military junta cracked down and carried out killing, violent arrests and detentions which ended non-violent protesting and turn the movement into armed resistance.

  1. Rakhine state

As having been understood, no anti-military protest and anti-coup movement are observed in Rakhine state.

Compiled and presented by the Federal Journal.