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State and Ethnic based Stakeholders’ Coordination after the Coup


After the coup, people in various states and ethnic groups organized their stakeholders and formed to build their respective political and military forces. It is learnt that, Kachin Political Interim Coordination Team (KPICT), Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC), Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC), Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC), and Southern Shan National Unity Government (SSNUG) are state based political coordination bodies within their own states and Ta’ang Political Consultative Committee (TPCC) which is an ethnic based political formation.

  1. Chin State – ICNCC

The Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC) was formed on April 13 for a political body to thrive political affairs for Chin state and the Chin people. ICNCC is comprised proportionally 18 members from each group; Chin National Front (Chin Armed organization), Members of parliament from Chin state, Political parties (CNLD-LA and NLD) and Chin Civil Society Organizations which involved in protesting movement (CDM, Youth, Women groups). It is known that space will be created for Chin leaders from outside of Chin state and international to take part in ICNCC.

As far as received information, it is learnt that ICNCC has formed two committees, Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Committee and Covid-19 Response Coordination Committee which members will be extended, and new committees will be formed as necessary.

The ICNCC is going to form the Chin state government in the short time to come and keep working to end the junta’s administration in Chin state which is to be replaced by Chin people’s administration.

Contact Address;

Phone. +959401601524, +919774554429, +919863652625

  1. Kaya State – KSCC

The Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) was formed to take responsible of political affairs of Kaya State. It is learnt to have formed on April 9, 2021, composed with 2020 elected MPs, Political parties, Ethnic armed groups, Civil society organizations, Youth and women organizations and other professionals. The council has 37 members of respective organizations and Secretariat team is formed by 7 members.

The Karenni coordination body is going to form Kaya state government and replace junta’s administration in the state. Concerning to Defense sector, Karenni National Defense Force and Karenni Naitonal Progressive Party / Karenni Army are preparing to form  Karenni National Defense state security force jointly.

Currently, the KSCC has formed Karenni Police Force, and Defense and security committee, Humanitarian Assistance committee and Political supporting committee. Among the KSCC members, four of them are involved in NUCC and three of its members are deputy ministers at NUG.

Contact Address,

Phone – 0630749087, +66980063644

Email – asmsdc@gmail.com

  1. Mon state – MSICC

In response to the military coup and build unity among Mon people, four organizations are formed. They are Mon State Interim Coordination committee, Mon National Network, Mon Against Dictatorship and Rahmonya Federal Democratic Committee.

The Mon State Interim Coordination Committee is a coordination body which aims to take part in political activities for future federal Democracy in Mon state, comprised of political parties that won seats, Elected MPs, Ethnic Civil Society Organization, women and youth organizations. MSICC’s two members participated in NUG.

Email. msicc.2021@gmail.com

Mon National Network,

Phone – +17735160834

Mon Against Dictatorship

Phone – +09425347662

Rahmonya Federal Democratic Committee.

Email- RFDC.Admin@protonmail.com

  1. Kachin state – KPICT/KPPF

It is learnt that two organizations which are formed to handle interim political matters in Kachin state. They are Kachin Political Interim Coordination Team (KPICT) and Kachin People’s Political Front (KPPF). KPICT is learnt as a KIO back-up organization that has agreement with CRPH. The latter body, KPPF is formed by a Kachin party known as Kachin National Congress (KNC) and others, which has two chairmen, three advisors and 21 members. One of its leaders Dr.M Kawn La has been arrested recently.

KPICT was jointly formed as 15 committee members by five Kachin organizations with 3 representatives from each organization on March 11, 2021 which also aim to form Interim Kachin state government soon.

Contact Address

Phone- +14434158683, +8619147490245

  1. Shan state

So far to date, we have not witnessed any Shan state or national level stakeholder actors coordination in response of coup d’état. It is found out that Southern Shan National Unity Government (SSNUG) in the southern part of Shan state and Ta’ang Political Consultative Committee (TPCC) in the northern part of Shan state. For the military purpose, six groups of Shan state-based people’s defense forces merged as Shan State Federal Front and Shan State liberation Party. Since before the coup, Committee for Shan State Unity (CSSU) has been formed jointly by Shan Armed groups and Shan political parties.

SSNUG is learnt to have been formed on May 10, 2021 to strengthen working with CRPH and NUG for political processes. However, it is unknown that which organizations and individuals joined and formed SSNUG and their contact address is also not found.

Ta’ang Political Consultative Committee – TPCC has 11 members and 6 reserve members. TPCC supports and cooperates with NUG which is formed by CRPH.

Contact Address,

Phone – 09781329742

  1. Rakhine and Karen state

Since the coup, state or ethnic based political coordination body has not been seen yet in Rakhine and Karen states. This may be due to the fact that ethnic political parties in these states (Rakhine National Party and Karen National Democratic Party) are cooperating with the State Administration Council (SAC) or that ethnic based armed groups (KNU and AA) are thought to have enough representation and sufficient leadership to their respective state and people so that a new extra political coordination body is thought unnecessary or they have not yet been ready to form coordination body like other States.


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